YSU to charge fee for use of credit card

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YSU to charge fee for use of credit card
News from Youngstown Vindicator:

Published: Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 12:03 a.m.

Staff report


Beginning July 1, a 2.75 percent convenience fee will be charged on all credit-card transactions on Youngstown State University student accounts including tuition.

The university says the change is necessary because of increasing costs, changing compliance regulations and to bring YSU in line with practices at other universities in Ohio.

MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express credit cards will be accepted. Visa, which doesn’t participate in the fee structure, no longer will be accepted.

The university will continue to accept payment by electronic check, check, debit card and cash with no fee. Visa debit cards will continue to be accepted.

Bowling Green, Cleveland State, Kent State, Miami, Ohio State, Ohio University, University of Akron, University of Cincinnati, University of Toledo and Wright State charge a credit-card transaction fee and do not accept Visa credit cards.

Neal McNally, YSU budget director, said it is important to note that YSU does not collect or keep any part of the fee. He also said the convenience fee does not apply to retail sales, such as the Bookstor…………… continues on Youngstown Vindicator

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The True Cost Of Your Credit Card
News from TheStreet.com:

If you don’t know the major pricing terms of your credit cards–and a surprising number of consumers don’t–then it’s time for an introduction. After all, how can you manage your finances well if you don’t know the conditions under which you’re operating? Even if you know Here are the 10 main terms you should know before applying for a credit card.

  1. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on purchases: This is how much interest you pay when you carry a balance for purchases from one month to the next. Credit card companies can’t increase the APR on new purchases in the first year of an account or on existing balances, period, unless you’re more than 60 days late on payments.
  2. Introductory APR: The introductory APR is in effect for only a limited time. Don’t confuse this appealing rate–often advertised in big, bold type–with the higher standard APR when you apply for credit cards.
  3. Credit limit: Know your credit limit, and strive to keep balances below 30 percent of that amount. Using too much of your credit limit hurts your credit score. Plus, it’s embarrassing to have your card rejected at the cash register or at a restaurant if a purchase puts you over the line.
  4. Ove…………… continues on TheStreet.com

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Cautious approach to credit cards from consumers

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Cautious approach to credit cards from consumers
News from BBC News:

The figures on lending to individuals in the UK are released by the Bank every month

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  • Your credit rating questions answered
  • Tips on how to handle your debts
  • Q&A: Payday loans
  • Debt questions answered

Credit card lending in April recorded its biggest monthly contraction since August 2006, Bank of England figures show.

Repayments outstripped new borrowing by £118m, although lending through loans and overdrafts grew.

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Do consumers now prefer travel rewards?
News from Debtmerica Relief:

These days, millions of Americans are seeking new types of accounts that will reward them more handsomely for taking on credit card debt, and some of the most popular cards now have increased rewards for airline miles and other travel arrangements.

The airline and hotel industries alone now issue more than $ 50 billion worth of credit card rewards points and miles to consumers as a larger number are now on the lookout for more valuable benefit programs, according to a report from the luxury travel company Alpha Flight Guru. In many cases, the accounts being issued nowadays grant consumers as much as 5 percent rewards – that is, they earn 5 cents worth of points or miles back for every dollar they spend on the account.

Many lenders are also adding non-rewards incentives as well, the report said. These include the ability to go through members-only security lines with shorter waits, or no baggage f…………… continues on Debtmerica Relief

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Would-be crook caught on camera trying to use stolen credit card
News from WPEC:

Tuesday, May 29 2012, 02:09 PM EDT

Would-be crook caught on camera trying to use stolen credit card

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — Police are looking for the man seen pictured here after he tried to purchase $ 1,500 in items from a Target store using a credit card stolen from a Deerfield Beach man’s country club locker.

Broward Sheriff’s Office reports the victim was playing golf at the Weston Hills Country Club when someone stole his credit card from his locker sometime after noon March 23.

Surveillance images from a Target store at 4400 N. State Road 7 in Coral Springs shows him trying unsuccessfully to use the card. He leaves empty handed, but left police crystal clear images of his mug.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call BSO Weston Det. Michael Kravecz at (954) 389-2010 or call Broward Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at (954) 493-TIPS (8477) or online at www.browardcrimestoppers.org.Would-be crook caught on camera trying to use stolen credit card

…………… continues on WPEC
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Getting Debt Help may Hurt Access to New Credit
News from Fox Business:

Dear Opening Credits,

I’ve paid $ 25,000 in credit card debt down to $ 2,500 and would like to get a credit card again. I’ve been turned down three times in the past year because people see I’m working with Consumer Credit Counseling to pay that debt off. I’ll be done in July 2012. When will that not be a negative factor preventing me from getting a new card? Thank you!  


Dear Sheila,

Repaying that much money is an achievement worthy of a sash and crown! And a new credit account, too. Here’s what’s going on and how you can get the account you want.

First, we must revisit the past — the time before you began working with Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS). For untold reasons, you got yourself into quite a bit of ugly debt and then had a hard time getting out of it on your own. Maybe you had missed payments or those you did send were so small that the balances refused to budge. So you turned to CCCS for assistance. After they developed a budget and presented you with various options on how to deal with your financial problems, you accepted their debt management plan (DMP) offer.

Debt management plans are designed to get clients out of deb…………… continues on Fox Business

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