3 Fool Proof Ways To Build A Credit Rating From Nothing

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3 Fool Proof Ways To Build A Credit Rating From Nothing
News from Business Insider:


Picture this: You apply for your first credit card, excited to start building your credit with it. But then, it happens. You’re denied. The reason: Too little credit history.

Rejection has happened to most of us at one time or another. And credit card rejection is just par for the course when you have little to no credit history. But it’…………… continues on Business Insider

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BoCC looks at card use
News from Delta County Independent:

A request by the county sheriff for an expanded use of his department’s credit card prompted a review of the administration’s internal controls on credit card use at the county commissioners’ June 4 regular meeting.

County administrator Susan Hansen carried the request to the BoCC for Sheriff Fred McKee who was away for a training session, commissioners were told.

Hansen said the sheriff has asked for expanded use of his department’s cards because more vendors are requiring equipment and training be paid for with a credit card.

The sheriff was not asking for an increased spending limit, only for increased uses. The sheriff’s department card is issued for use on travel and travel-related expenses, Hansen explained.

Margaret Davey from the county accounting department joined the meeting to explain the county’s credit card policy.

Davey explained the procedures that provide three separate reviews of credit card bills by county personnel before payment is issued on a credit card statement.

She told the commissioners that there are a total of seven county government issued credit cards in use. They are for each of the county commissioners, health department, human services department, information technology department and sheriff’s department.

Limits on the cards’ use have mainly been for travel and travel-related expen…………… continues on Delta County Independent

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