Credit Cards for College Kids? Pick Your Poison
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Parents of college-bound students have a decision to make as offers stream in for their soon-to-depart teenagers.

Should they send their green freshmen off to campus armed with a debit or credit card to learn how to handle money? Or is it better to keep firm control through the Bank of Mom and Dad?

The “correct” answer will vary by family and personal preference.

The Credit Card Act that took effect 2½ years ago made it much harder for anyone under 21 to get a card. Gone are the days of card issuers racking up scads of new customers on campus by handing out free T-shirts or rewards points for spring break.

“In the old days, if you could fog a mirror could get a credit card,” says Adam Levin, chairman and founder of, a San Francisco-based company that provides information about credit products.

Under-21s can still obtain a credit card if they have a qualified co-signer or proof of sufficient i…………… continues on

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A long-running legal dispute pitting Visa and MasterCard against a group of retailers over payment processing rules and fees might finally be reaching a settlement that would compel the card networks to relax some of the regulations they currently impose on merchants who accept their cards. If that sounds like pretty dull stuff, just know that it has serious implications for everybody who uses a credit card — in other words, nearly all of us. 

One thing retailers have been fighting for is the right to charge people more if they pay with a credit card, and continues on TIME

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