Keyser Adopts Policy for City-Issued Credit Card Use
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(Source: Elaine Blaisdell Cumberland Times News, Md. (MCT) — Keyser City Council on Wednesday approved a policy for city-issued credit card use.

The purchase card (P-Card) policy was needed in order to rectify one of the state auditor’s findings. When the state conducted its audit, they found that a policy wasn’t in place, according to?Mayor Randy Amtower.

“This policy has been put together based off of the guidelines of the state auditor’s office,” said Amtower. “This is the design of the policy to basically get rid of one of our audit findings.”

The guidelines state that anyone using the card must have training; must surrender the card upon request or upon termination from the city; they can only be used for official city business and cannot be used for personal reasons.

The cards cannot be used for cash, cash advances or gift cards, according to the policy. At a previous council meeting, Amtower said the state auditor found three fraudulent charges, some of which stemmed from employees utilizing the P-Card to purchase gift cards.

Former Mayor William “Sonny” Rhodes used a P-Card to purchase three separate gift cards — for $ 75, $ 100 and $ 400, according to Amtower.

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