iPhone racket mastermind used network of children
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

iPhone racket mastermind used network of children

RACHEL OLDING August 07, 2012

A man accused of using stolen credit card details to buy iPhones recruited children to pick up the phones and resell them on web trading site Gumtree for him.

Yi Zhong, 22, of Strathfield, has been charged with 58 offences, mostly relating to a sophisticated racket he allegedly devised to obtain people’s credit card details, to use them to buy at least 30 iPhones from major retailers and then sell them.

But police allege he did not stop at “dishonestly obtaining” iPhones. Mr Zhong allegedly used the details of stolen credit cards to buy $ 347 worth of flowers from Urban Flowers Concord, thousands of dollars’ worth of flights, hotel suites in Brisbane and Melbourne, clothes from General Pants Co., two GHD gold hair stylers and a $ 5995 bottle of Johnnie Walker rare Scotch whisky.

In Burwood Local Court today, Mr Zhong’s solicitor, Wasim Jabakhangi, entered guilty pleas to 21 of the 58 charges, including two charges of recruiting a child to carry out or assist in criminal activity.

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He pleaded guilty to recruiting a teenage girl, who cannot be named, to pick up the proceeds of crime at a Fedex de…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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