Two Sarasota men charged with credit card fraud, police seeking other victims
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A spending spree in the making with potential fraudulent credit cards was foiled by a store manager after setting a trap on a gift card purchased with one.

Charles Poupart, 33, from Port Orchard, Washington, and George Dale, 42, a transient living in Sarasota, were arrested in Gilligans Island Bar on Ocean Boulevard on Siesta Key on Thursday after an investigation into the use of alleged fraudulent credit cards, according to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report.

Dale was charged with credit card forgery and grand theft, and Poupart was charged with passing or using forged credit card after they attempted to use a gift card on Wednesday evening, purchased with a fraudulent Visa debit card.

According to a Sarasota County’s Sheriff’s Office investigation and arrest report:

Ryan Schmidt, manager of the Siesta Key Oyster Bar on Ocean Boulevard, was told by his credit card processing company on June 23, that a Visa debit card used to purchase a $ 200 gift card on June 17 and again used the next day on $ 271.79 for food and drink w…………… continues on

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3 Credit Card Tips For Your Next Vacation
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We’re deep into the summer, and for many parts of the country, it’s been a really hot, sweltering one at that. If you haven’t been on vacation, and you’re killing time reading this in the midst of work or surfing the Internet in your spare time, well, I’m guessing you’re probably like me. You’d rather be off somewhere at a water park, or scuba diving, or hiking a trail in some mountainous but very shady terrain, and daydreaming about taking a trip somewhere.

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So in preparation for that vacation that I hope you get to take soon, I thought I’d offer three bits of advice for anyone planning on taking your credit card on vacation.

1. Call your credit card company and let them know you’re going on a vacation

I know you have plenty of other things to do, like finding a place to board your dog or putting a stop on your mail. Don’t forget that there’s sunscreen to buy and securing hotels and making your friends and family jealous on Facebook by telling them where you’re going, even though you know you should wait and say nothing until you’re back since your house won’t be guarded by anything more than a few potted…………… continues on

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