Area policies on fire dept. credit card use vary
News from Marietta Times:

Local fire departments are each responsible for determining a way to monitor their department’s credit card usage. But monitoring these cards can sometimes be a challenge.

Recently, allegations arose that former Dunham Township Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dustin Maze had used the department’s credit card for personal purposes. That investigation continues.

Local departments each have their own policies on using credit.

“We have a credit card for each individual. We have 34 credit cards,” said Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham.

Though it might seem like tracking 34 cards would be difficult, Durham insists that it actually is an important safeguard against fraud.

“Everyone is accountable for their own card,” he said.

In addition to personal accountability, the Marietta Fire Department takes several additional precautions with their cards.

The cards can only be used to purchase fuel for the department’s vehicles and only at the gas station with which they are currently contracted.

Filling up a Marietta Fire Department vehicle Thursday, Marietta Fire Lt. Rodney Scott demonstrated an additional safeguard.

“It asks me to punch in the odometer reading,” said Scott after swiping the department’s credit card.

Marietta Fire Department’s cards are programmed to ask for an odometer reading. The…………… continues on Marietta Times

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