Credit Card Deals: September 2012

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Credit Card Deals: September 2012
News from Business Insider:

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What the mobile payment craze is really about: Coupons!
News from CNET:

Everyone’s talking about paying for stuff via smartphone. But you already have a credit card — so here’s how your phone will really pitch in.

Google Wallet in action.

(Credit: Marguerite Reardon/CNET)

Your smartphone is going to get more adept at handling money, but maybe not in quite the way you’ve been imagining it would.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about mobile payments and how new apps or NFC technology will let you pay for things with your smartphone. But the truth is that this market is less about finding a new way for you to pay for things and more about offering you an easier way to carry and redeem coupons and special offers.

What’s the most successful mobile payment system to date? It’s an application that can be downloaded onto your phone to pay for coffee. Yes, the Starbucks app, launched in January 2011, has processed 55 million transactions, the company has said, adding that it processes more than a million mobile phone transactions per week. The app, which is quite simple, uses a bar-code-like technology to scan your phone. But that’s as far as it goes — it’s a payment app used by only one merchant.

Then why is it so popular? It’s not because you can pay for a latte with…………… continues on CNET

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