Did Your Credit Card Already Put on the Freshman 15? Tips to Avoid Overweight …
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Your first year in college means you have the freedom to eat and drink anything you want without your parents nagging, which is usually what leads to the dreaded Freshman 15. But that same freedom can lead to another more serious issue: an overweight credit card balance. According to a recent study, about 70 percent of college students have credit cards and the average credit debt of those students is $ 3,000, with graduating seniors averaging $ 4,000 in credit card debt. So how can students avoid the Freshman 15 when it comes to their credit? Here are a few tips:

Pick a healthy card to start out with: The new rules enacted by the Credit CARD Act of 2009 say that applicants need to be 21 years-old or be able to prove steady income in order to apply for a credit card, which makes it harder for credit card companies to target college students. But that doesn’t mean that they are any less anxious to lure in the young crowd. When looking for the

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How To Opt Out Of Pre-approved Credit Card Offers
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Although you may not be able to shut off the flow of direct-mail ads for credit cards entirely, you can narrow the stream.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act lets insurers and creditors send unsolicited offers based on information they learn about consumers through credit reporting bureaus. Anytime you get pre-approved credit card offers, you can bet the companies got information about your credit history to make sure you fit their target markets.

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On the other hand, the law also gives you the right to just say no. Some consumers choose not to receive prescreened credit card offers because they want to protect their privacy, avoid the temptation to run up additional debt, or prevent thieves from stealing pre-approved applications from their mailboxes.

How to opt out of prescreened credit card offers

1. Opt out of credit card offers online Make your request to opt out through the consumer credit reporting industry’s website, continues on TheStreet.com

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