Man charged with trying to use stolen credit card in Port St. Lucie
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Blake Paradise

PORT ST. LUCIE — A tip to Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers helped Port St. Lucie police nab a man suspected of using a stolen credit card Sept. 15 at a Walmart Supercenter on South U.S. 1, according to police and an arrest affidavit released Wednesday.

Police last week released surveillance video images from the Walmart Supercenter in the 10800 block of South U.S. 1 where the man is suspected to have tried to make fraudulent purchases about 12:20 a.m. on Sept. 15.

Local media outlets published the photo. A tip on Sept. 30 to Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers indicated a person saw the photo on TCPalm, and identified Blake Paradise, 20, as the person trying to make the purchase, according to Master Sgt. Frank Sabol, police spokesman.

Detective Ken Frid on Wednesday said police suspected Paradise could be involved, but the tip helped confirm it.

“Up until the Crime Stoppers tip, we really didn’t have a good handle on who it was,” Frid said. “But with that tip, it made it a lot easier for us.”

Police on Tuesday spoke to Paradise’s mother. Shown the photo,…………… continues on TCPalm

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5 Credit Card Mistakes You’re Already Making
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Using credit cards responsibly may not sound appealing at first, but being plagued with too much credit card debt is an ugly mess that can develop quickly and linger for years. Making smart decisions about credit, on the other hand, isn’t difficult and can improve your credit score, help you when landing a job, and be welcome relief in the event of an emergency. Avoiding the following mistakes when using credit cards can leave you sitting pretty:

  1. Not keeping track of purchases – Sometimes when using a credit card it can seem like you have access to “free” money — you are not limited by the amount of money in your pocket and can go on making purchases without feeling any pain to your wallet. But although it may feel like you aren’t really spending much money, not keeping track of receipts can wreak havoc on your finances. Use a small notebook to write down credit card purchases when you make them so you won’t be surprised later when you get your monthly statement.
  2. Not shopping around for the best credit card deals – Don’t make the mistake of signing up for the first credit card offer that arrives in your mailbox. Go online and look for the best possible

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Unauthorized credit card use equals theft (Letter)

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Unauthorized credit card use equals theft (Letter)
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Sept. 9, we packed up to go home. It was late by the time we pulled out so I suggested to my wife that we stop at the gas station near by and get $ 20 out of the ATM for some burgers. This we did. It was not until Tuesday of that week that I realized that I did not have my card with me when I went to get some money for gas.

I went to the bank and reported the card missing and asked to see a print out of my account. It took four days to show any action on Sunday. Besides my $ 20, it also showed a use for $ 100  one hour after I used my card.

This discrepancy was brought to the attention of the bank right away and the card cancelled. However they said that I waited too long to cancel the card even though I did report the card missing. I called the gas station, there was nothing they could do. It was my fault for leaving the card or dropping it without noticing. Yet, $ 100 dollars is a lot of money for me.

I lost my good job after 36 years due to down-sizing, was out of work for awhile, went on unemployment for three months before getting a job at a wonderful place at half of what I was making, worked for three and a half months before having a severe accident that left some wonderi…………… continues on

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Committee OKs review of credit card statements for Nashua school employees
News from Nashua Telegraph:

NASHUA – The Board of Education’s Finance and Operations Committee soon may review credit card statements each quarter.

The board’s Policy Committee created the new policy Tuesday night, aiming to support the credit card use practices already in place in the School District. The review of credit card statements by some board members is the one change to current practices the policy would bring.

The approved policy, which now goes to the full board for a vote, came after more than an hour of debate, in which some committee members questioned how much oversight the board wanted to have.

“Does the school board really want to see these details of credit card charges, or should we simply rely on the administration to supervise them?” board member David Murotake asked. “What do you want to inflict on the school board? Do you really, really want to discuss credit card charges?”

Other committee members said, however, they did want to have at least some control over the use of credit cards in the district.

“It’s not a matter of trust; I’d trust you with my wallet,” committee member Dennis Ryder told chief operating officer Dan Donovan. “It’s about checks and balances.”

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