Looking for financial security? Temporary credit cards may be an answer
News from Bangor Daily News:

With billions of dollars in credit card fraud every year, shoppers may be looking for more secure ways of doing their business. One such way is to use “temporary” credit card numbers.

They’re sometimes referred to as “virtual” or “disposable” numbers. They work in a variety of ways; while not foolproof, they may help consumers to head off abuse or misuse of their credit cards.

Most issuers of major credit cards will let you use a number (not the one on your plastic card) temporarily, often for just a single purchase. After that transaction is complete, the number becomes worthless to a thief or anyone else. The number is truly disposable, so even if a thief gets access to it, the number can’t be used for unauthorized purchases.

You use that number as you would your regular credit card, and your transactions show up on your regular credit card bill. Just as you save receipts from your regular credit card purchases, you should hang onto receipts from any temporary numbers you use.

Every issuer has its own rules for issuing temporary numbers; some tie the service to their online banking and may require you to sign up for it. Others offer a downloadable program that will pop up when you make an online purchase and ask if you want to use a virtual number. Still others require that you log onto their website when you want a virtual n…………… continues on Bangor Daily News

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Anthony Johnson liked to go to a movie theater with a female, sit near women and then crawl around the floors, removing credit cards from their purses, federal prosecutors allege.

Dressed in black and wearing a baseball cap, he would slither through rows of dropped popcorn and across streams of sticky soda near unsuspecting patrons at the Fairfield Cinemas in Fairfield, as well as Bow-Tie Cinemas in Greenwich and Gallery Cinema Theater in Colchester.

After leaving a theater with their stash, the pair would hit area department stores purchasing high-priced items and gift cards, Assistant U.S. Attorney

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