Accelerated Debt Management Offers Tips For Consumers With Good Credit …
News from Midland Daily News:

Make Sure Proper Steps Are Taken Prior To Enrolling In A Debt Management Program.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Many consumers that are overloaded with high interest credit card debt are current on their accounts and still have good credit scores. Although their scores are still relatively good, the fact that they are carrying balances over 30% of their credit limit keeps their scores from rising to where they would be considered “low risk” or “excellent credit”. When these accounts have high interest rates it is very difficult to bring down the balances in any reasonable period of time. Enrolling in a properly administered debt management program can drastically reduce the time it takes to pay these balances down but choosing the right firm is crucial, and choosing the wrong firm can drop their scores even further.

In a “specialized” debt management program that caters to consumers with good credit, steps have to be taken to ensure that further credit damage does not occur as a result of the prog…………… continues on Midland Daily News

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Visa, MasterCard Look For Bounce Off Decade-Low Debt
News from Investor’s Business Daily:

Credit card debt is poised to rebound off its 10-year low, giving card firms like Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA) a boost, but consumers may not return quickly to their previous debt-fueled buying habits.

Historic borrowing and spending patterns should return eventually, but stagnant incomes are holding them back, said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst for

“It’s not like the American consumer has gotten religion about paying down debt and saving,” he said.


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Facebook may cause bad credit and obesity among frequent users
News from Deseret News:

Large amounts of Facebook use may be related to high credit card debt and weight gain.


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Large amounts of Facebook use may be related to high credit card debt and weight gain, according to, citing a

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Ways To Minimize Risk of Credit Card Fraud
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