Google reportedly prepping ‘credit card’ of sorts
News from Fox News:

The idea behind mobile payments currently holds more appeal than the reality does. Can Google change that?

Retailer support for mobile payments is hard to find outside major metropolitan areas, and even then, the gaggle of tap-to-pay options means your favorite NFC-friendly store may not accept your preferred mobile wallet technology. If a new leak proves true, Google may have worked its way around the hurdle, albeit in an NFC-free manner.

The company is reportedly working on a physical Google Wallet card that functions as an all-in-one card, letting you pay with whatever credit cards are tied to your Google Wallet account.

The solution would be inelegant, but according to the tipster who sent Android Police screenshots of the leaked app, the solution will work wherever those credit cards are accepted, regardless of whether or not the retailer supports Google Wallet’s tap-to-pay technology. Since Google’s mobile payment service now supports all major credit cards, you could theoretically leave the rest of your plastic at home and travel encumbered only by your Google Wallet card an…………… continues on Fox News

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APNewsBreak: Missouri athletics tightens credit card use after strip club …
News from Washington Post:

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The Missouri athletics department is tightening employee use of school-issued credit cards after an audit found a series of improper purchases, including bills for more than $ 7,600 from a Las Vegas strip club.

Department spokesman Chad Moller said Tuesday that director of video operations Michael Schumacher had repaid $ 7,605.50 for two credit charges from a May 5, 2011, visit to Olympic Garden. One of the charges included a $ 2,000 tip on a $ 4,400 bill at a nightclub billed as the “only Vegas strip club on the Strip.”

Schumacher was representing Mizzou at a professional conference but traveled alone, Moller said. He said “responsive and appropriate disciplinary action was taken,” but that he was unable to elaborate on a personnel matter. Schumacher did not respond to several messages left at his home and campus office.

The Aug. 14 Pricewaterhouse Coopers audit — part of a routine and periodic review of university business functions — also flagged nearly $ 3,000 in charges by former men’s basketball director of operations Jeff Daniels, who now works at Arkansas under former Tigers coach Mike Anderson.

Daniels billed the school for two charges of $ 1,489.54 each at the Vince Young Steakhouse in Austin, Texas, in January 2011; there is a $ 2,500 transaction limit. Those charges were for a team meal, both he and Moller sa…………… continues on Washington Post

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