Rogers charged, Lewallen sought in burglary, credit card fraud case
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Use a credit card sparingly, protect it
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STAY out of trouble by paying back your balance on time, writes Brendan Peacock

Credit cards can come in handy to deal with unexpected financial challenges, provided they are used sparingly and you are able to pay off the debt before it spirals out of control.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your plastic helper:

If you pay back your outstanding balance on purchases within a certain number of days stipulated by your bank it is interest-free, said Arnold Dippenaar, head of personal markets unsecured lending and credit card at Standard Bank;

In some situations, using a credit card can be much better than taking out a loan for the same amount.

Credit ombudsman Manie van Schalkwyk said where buying things on a credit card may involve interest of up to 21%, taking out a short-term loan can cost you up to 60% interest.

“That means if you’re borrowing to buy a R1000 gift, at the end of the first month the amount owing is not just the R1000, but with the costs and interest, it can already be as much as R1257 – excluding any insur…………… continues on BDlive

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