Lowering credit rate, debt and stress: 6 tips for negotiating card rates
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Credit scores can be lowered by calling and talking to the company. Even though lowering a credit score isn’t always possible, there are tips to use when calling to negotiate.


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For those deep in debt, trying to negotiate a lower credit card rate can save a lot of money and there are ways to get a lower rate, according to an article by

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10 Ways to Minimize Your Holiday Shopping Debt
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NEW YORK (LowCards.com) — The holiday shopping rush is on, and paying with a credit card makes it is easy to be in the spirit of buying and giving without paying attention to how much money is being spent. January credit card bills bring the cold reality of debt and interest payments, though, and you could be paying for Christmas 2012 long after the gifts are forgotten.

Here are 10 tips to make this an affordable holiday season:

1. Make a budget and a shopping list. Start with what you spent last year and then keep a record of all gift purchases and holiday expenses — from postage stamps to the food for the office party. It is hard for shoppers to make a budget and easy to underestimate their spending. The average holiday shopper will spend $ 749 on gifts, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation: $ 421 on children, parents and other relatives; $ 75 on friends; $ 23 on co-workers; $ 28 on others; $ 100 on food and candy; $ 28 on greeting cards; and $ 19 on flowers.


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