The Freshman $ 1000: How To Help Your College Student With Credit Card Debt
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Instead of gaining the infamous freshman 15 of extra pounds, your student has fallen prey to the Freshman $ 1000 by quickly running up credit card charges soon after arriving on campus. But unlike other mistakes that your student is bound to make, getting into debt and missing payments can affect his future for years to come. And because of the Credit CARD Act of 2009, unless your student has significant income, you most likely are a co-signer on your college student’s credit card and their debt can directly impact your credit as well.

“Unfortunately, financial disasters are not like broken bones that can quickly heal. Credit mistakes that young people make have a way of hanging out for a very long time and on-the-job training in the world of credit debt can be very painful,” says John Ulzheimer, President of Consumer Education for

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Ban on credit card companies at colleges advances
News from Vineland Daily Journal:

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Credit card scandal prompts questions of controls over school spending
News from Nashua Telegraph:

WILTON – For many taxpayers around the region, a spending scandal in the Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District this year left them with a question: Could this happen in my town?

In the wake of the incident, which led to the resignation of Superintendent Trevor Ebel after an auditor’s report found district credit cards were used to purchase thousands of dollars worth of restaurant meals, alcohol and expensive hotel rooms at out-of-state conferences, many districts around the region reviewed their spending practices and policies restricting credit card usage.

And while the school systems agreed that their practices were enough to protect taxpayers against abuses, there is little state or federal guidance when it comes to what is an appropriate price for travel or out-of-town meals.

Ebel charged nearly $ 2,000 in inappropriate purchases on the School District’s credit card in 2010-11. He also took cash advances from the district, knowingly violating district policy, according to minutes of an April 24 School Board meeting. The district credit card was in Ebel’s name and kept in his possession. After the audit report, Ebel repaid the district for some of the charges.

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