Use of ATMs and Credit Cards Is Curbed in Vatican
News from New York Times:

VATICAN CITY — If you’re planning a trip to the Vatican, be sure to take cash.

Since Wednesday, museums and businesses there have been declining credit card and debit card purchases after a decision by the Bank of Italy that is linked to concerns over financial accountability and inadequate money-laundering controls.

Cash machines have also been shut down, except for those with a Vatican Bank debit card, after the Italian central bank refused authorization for Deutsche Bank’s Italian unit to continue providing services within the Vatican’s walls.

Some commentators have mused on the paradox of telling people to use cash when trying to monitor money-laundering activities. The Vatican has played down the episode, passing it off as a temporary glitch after the expiration of an agreement between some Holy See offices and the current provider of its electronic point-of-sale services.

The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, told reporters this week that discussions with other providers were under way, and that the interruption of credit card and debit card purchases “would be…………… continues on New York Times

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Dispatcher charged, quits over credit card use
News from Alton Telegraph:

EDWARDSVILLE – A city dispatcher has resigned and is facing criminal charges after allegedly racking up charges on a credit card from a wallet turned in at the police department.

Charged Thursday was Rochelle L. Waters, 33, of the 100 block of South Ninth Street, East Alton.

She faces two charges of official misconduct and four charges of unlawful use of a credit card after she allegedly took a credit card from a wallet left at the police station as a lost item.

The misconduct charges allege that, while acting in her official capacity, she committed two separate crimes, unlawful use of a credit card and theft.

The value of the goods was placed at less than $ 300.

The unlawful use of a credit card charges claim she attempted to obtain clothing from an Old Navy store; and obtained food, clothing and toys from a Walmart; food from a McDonald’s restaurant; and fuel from a Hit ‘n’ Run convenience store, all on Sunday, Dec. 30.

In a statement, City Administrator Ben Dickmann said the Edwardsville Police conducted an internal investigation after discovering the card was missing and initially were having difficulty locating the owner.

“When the owner was located it was realized there were several transactions against the…………… continues on Alton Telegraph

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