Will it Cost You More to Use Your Credit Card?
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A — depending on where you live it may cost you more he’s your credit card as a result of the settlement between peace in NASCAR in the retail industry.

Merchants in forty states are now allowed to add a surcharge of up to 4% of your entire purchase.

The National Retail Federation says allowing these so called — cause irreparable harm to retailers especially smaller ones.

— and RF senior vice president General Counsel Mallory Duncan says the concept that merchants will start surcharges for credit card use.

It’s propaganda.

Being spread by — credit card industry welcome.

Hi there so — propaganda are you saying retailers are less likely to charge swipe fees to their customers.

I say there’s virtually no chance is gonna happen.

I mean this really is propaganda put out by the card industry as part of the settlement of a big lawsuit.


I was just gonna coming here and say so then what did the retailers want to come out of this settlement because you know really squeezed right because they had to — Processing fees to that credit card companies.

And again so this — allowed him to turn around it offset some of those fees that are creeping into their bottom line.

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