5 Early Warning Signs of Financial Disaster
News from Huffington Post:

Whether you realize it or not, noticing early warning signs of financial distress can make or break your future. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know what it feels like.

It’s daunting to face the truth: the fact that you’re on the brink of financial disaster. You’ve worked so hard to maintain your credit score, tried to pay off your debts as fast as possible, but everything seems to be falling apart.

The five early warning signs I’m about to mention are not compiled from financial experts or personal finance books, but instead my own personal experience dealing with credit card debt.

Not checking your statements— As soon as you get your monthly statements, you throw them in the pile of mail because you’re afraid of checking your balances. You wait until the very last-minute to check the due date or login to your online banking to pay your bill. I don’t blame you. As soon as I realized exactly how much credit card debt I had, it turned my day upside down. We all know that your debt isn’t going to disappear overnight, so the sooner you face the truth, the sooner it’ll be over!

Recycling Available Credit— Admittedly, this is something I was guilty of. As soon you pay your monthly minimum payment, you’ll immediately notice that you have a little more available credit a…………… continues on Huffington Post

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With millions still struggling with large outstanding balances, consumers who are trying to reduce their credit card debt should do so responsibly by exploring all their available options.

Many consumers are now attempting to get out from under their large credit card balances, and experts generally recommend that they do so as responsibly as possible by first reviewing all aspects of their finances to ensure that they are making wise decisions which they can afford, according to a report from USA Today. For one thing, it may be helpful to first try to get a lower credit card rate, either by calling their lender and negotiati…………… continues on Debtmerica Relief

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