Business Credit Card Debt Set to Rise?
News from Fox Business:

FICO, the company behind the nation’s most popular (no, wait: the nation’s most widely used) credit scoring system, recently commissioned a survey of of 272 risk managers at banks. 

It’s hard to conceive of a more tedious task than holding a conversation with any “professional risk manager,” let alone one employed in the American banking sector, but someone has to do it. 

Anyway, the survey’s findings did contain some interesting facts.

Business credit card use likely to rise

When asked whether they expected demand for credit from small businesses to grow in the next six months, 74% of respondents said yes. But only 46% thought that the supply of credit to those small businesses would increase. That’s quite a shortfall, and bigger than the one FICO found when it posed the same questions to bank risk managers in Europe. (Who’d have thought it? We’ve already discovered a more tedious task than talking to risk managers in American b…………… continues on Fox Business
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First credit card? Five key tips for college students.
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If getting a credit card is a rite of passage for college students, choosing the right plastic and learning how to use it responsibly is a matter of life and debt. Young people age 18 to 24, carry an average credit card debt of $ 2,002, according to Before you end up as a debt statistic, learn to pick the right card and manage your credit before getting your hands on plastic. Here are five things every new credit cardholder should know:

Getting a first credit card (like the Central Michigan University student in this file photo) is a rite of passage for many college students. Be sure to be selective when you apply for one. (Ben Garvin/The Christian Science Monitor)

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