CARD Act Doesn’t Protect Your Business Credit Card
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When Congress enacted the CARD Act, legislation that protected consumers from unfair treatment by credit card companies, Washington was praised for enacting real world legislation that would have effects that would be felt by anybody using a credit card but does the CARD Act protect small businesses? The answer is simple: It does not and this has some small business owners upset.

Small business credit card use has gone up sharply since the economy softened in 2008. It is now reported that 80% of small businesses use credit cards as part of their day to day operations. As a small business owner or somebody who plans to open a business remember that businesses large and small who over leveraged themselves are many of the businesses who have closed their doors.

This is where the problem lies. The CARD Act doesn’t protect businesses from sudden interest rate changes. With as little as 45 days notice, a credit card company can raise your business…………… continues on
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Visa vs.Google Wallet in mobile payments
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The digital wallet wars have begun. And credit card giant Visa and search behemoth Google are likely to be among the first to face off in the market as they each try to convince consumers to ditch their real wallets for ones that store credit cards and other information on their cell phones.

In May, Visa and Google announced separately their plans to offer a so-called digital wallet or an application that stores credit card and rewards information to enable people to use their phones to pay for things.

The hope is that these digital wallets in conjunction with near-field communications technology, a short-range wireless technology that allows people to swipe a phone for payment, will replace the need for a physical wallet.

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