Credit and blame at the MTA
News from New York Daily News:

Credit-card crooks were able to buy batches of MTA tickets and monthly passes, some worth hundreds of dollars each, and sell them at discounted prices to unscrupulous commuters.

The MTA — and taxpayers — have been scammed out of more than $ 16 million while the agency and financial giant Visa quibbled over a relatively inexpensive anti-fraud measure.

Everyone looks bad in this tale of the underground where one of the main sports — ripping off the MTA — is constantly evolving.

The MTA said it has been very aggressive in protecting itself against punks who use stolen or forged credit cards from making purchases at automatic vending machines that sell subway and commuter train passes.

Visa said it quickly responded to an MTA request for help.

Yet, somehow the MTA wound up losing a ton of money — although the transit giant and financial giant both considered the loss chump change. Years went by, and each year millions of dollars was pilfered.

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