Credit Card Deals: Wisely Use Balance Transfers, Bonus Rewards
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For the consumer in good credit standing, there is much to celebrate this Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday shopping period, including strategies that can save you money on your credit cards.

You may have noticed that card issuers have been flooding your mailbox with balance transfer checks for your existing card accounts, some of which offer a zero percent APR for six months to a year. Other offers include very low promotional rates, such as a 1.99 APR, for a longer period of time, as long as 18 months.

Those promotional zero or near-zero rates can last for longer than 18 months on new credit card offers. Taking advantage of new card “teaser rates” can add up to considerable interest savings for those who normally carry a balance.

However, carefully consider the new card’s standard APR and annual fees, if any, since the card will stay with you long past the holiday shoppi…………… continues on

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Security experts warn about credit card ‘skimming’
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MILWAUKEE – Security experts are warning of a new target for people trying to steal your money this holiday shopping season.

It’s called “RFID skimming,” in which criminals can use a small electronic device to get information fromom credit cards.

Experts say the best way to protect yourself is to shield card sleeves and use wallets that block the wireless signal.

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