Credit card surcharges: Why not to worry
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By now you’ve probably heard a lot about the recently permitted use of surcharges for consumers who use credit cards. Not a big problem. At least not in these parts.

There are a lot more reasons not to worry at this point than be concerned. Live in Massachusetts? The state law that prohibits surcharges is still there. Nine other states have restrictions on surcharges, too : California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

Plus, retail behemoths Walmart and Target both have said they’re not going to assess the fees. It would take a lot of guts – and perhaps a dose of foolishness – to be a competitor of one of those stores and tack on a credit card surcharge, risking giving those two an even bigger price advantage.

If you see the surcharge being assessed online, consider sending a message by buying on a competing site. At a minimum, factor in that added 2-4 percent when compariosn shopping.

So, at least in the Bay State, we’ll still have our quirky cash discount at gas stations instead of credit card surcharges and we can’t be charged more at a store if we want to use a credit card…………… continues on

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Consumers are being urged to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan or the Federal Trade Commission if a retailer charges a surcharge for using a credit card without proper warning.

The warning must come in the form of a sign near the entrance of the business and a receipt explaining the percentage and cost.

“Our goal is to educate people before something bad happens,” said Phil Catlett, CEO of the BBB of Western Michigan,

Just over a week since the new credit card rules went into effect, Catlett’s office hasn’t logged any complaints.

“I think businesses in general are going to be pretty cautious about charging (the fee),” Catlett added.

West Michigan businesses – along with brick-and-mortar and online ones in most other states – are now allowed to pass along credit card interchange fees of up to 4 percent of the total purchase price to their customers.

But businesses in Michigan and 39 other states can only pass along the “exact amount” being charged…………… continues on Michigan Business Review –

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