Credit card tips for Super Bowl trips
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If you’re going to the Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, to see the New York Giants and the New England Patriots in all their glory, this Feb. 5, chances are, you’re packing more than your toothbrush. You’re bringing along your credit cards. And so, always wanting to help out, I’m providing tips for using your credit card during your Super Bowl weekend, so your trip can go as smoothly as possible.

And if you’re a huge football fan and desperately want to go but can’t, then make my editors happy and read all of this, anyway, and just pretend that that you’re going to the Super Bowl. Yeah, pretend. It’ll be fun.

The Super Bowl and your credit card: What you need to know

Buying tickets: Chances are, if you’re going, you’ve already bought your tickets, but plenty of desperate fans are likely looking on Craigslist right now and considering buying them, or considering going with a scalper. The Better Business Bureau, on their website, recommends going with the reputable Ticketmaster, which manages ticket exchanges for the NFL, or StubHub, which also guarantees a ticket’s authenticity.

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Should I use a credit card or spend savings to buy a boiler?
News from This is Money:

By Laura Howard

Last updated at 10:22 AM on 30th January 2012

Borrow or spend to keeping warm: Should you put a big purchase like a new boiler on a credit card or spend savings?

I want to borrow £2,500 to install a new gas boiler. Which is the best way of borrowing the money or should I just take out of my current account?
S.M., Derby

Laura Howard, of MoneySupermarket, replies: If you have £2,500 sitting in your current account, on the face of it paying cash for your new gas boiler would seem like the best option. However, putting the cost on a credit card (providing you pay off the balance) could actually prove more sensible.

This is because – so long as the boiler costs between £100 and £60,200 – you will be protected under a combination of the Consumer Credit Act and the Consumer Credit Directive. In short, this means the credit card company and the firm that sells you the boiler, will be jointly and severally liable for the purchase. 

This leaves you in a better position if anything goes wrong, such as t…………… continues on This is Money

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