Discover Financial Services 2nd-qtr profit leaps as unpaid bills decline, card …
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NEW YORK — HIGHER CARD USE: Discover Financial Services said its profit more than tripled in its second quarter as card sales volume rose 9 percent and transactions processed by Discover-owned networks rose 18 percent.

LOWER WRITE-OFFS: The company wrote off $ 577 million, or 4.42 percent of credit card and loan balances, as uncollectible. That was down from $ 1 billion, or 7.97 percent of balances, last year.

HIGHER EXPENSES: Costs for marketing and advertising, labor, debt collection, fraud and expenses related to its newly-acquired Student Loan Corp. drove up expenses by 25 percent.

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Bad Credit Repair For Businesses Through Credit Card Use–Secured Credit Cards …
News from Red, White, and Blue Press:

Aspects of bad credit repair are often topics that consumers will explore as this issue can be one that has a great deal of depth and various pieces of an overall debt relief and credit repair puzzle that consumers must analyze before they begin the process or can successfully complete their goals to reestablishing their credit. Yet, bad credit repair is also necessary for many businesses, and for those who have seen their financial position at their business deteriorate over the past two years or months, there are credit cards that can be beneficial for the bad credit repair process as even secured credit cards or unsecured lines of credit, as well as, an alternative credit lines can help establish a more beneficial credit score for a particular company.

In terms of secured credit cards available specifically for businesses, they do work in a similar fashion to a consumer secured credit card, as any type of secured credit will require collateral and, in many cases, will nece…………… continues on Red, White, and Blue Press
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