FBI sting nabs about 24 alleged online credit card scammers
News from Los Angeles Times:

U.S. and international law enforcement officials arrested dozens of suspects around the world in what they called the largest ever such action against online credit card scammers.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that the two-year investigation resulted in close to 24 arrests Tuesday for crimes related to alleged theft, sale and illicit use of credit card information.  The FBI said that these so called “carding” crimes often include hackers stealing credit card data from bank and retail databases and selling it to fraudsters and counterfeiters.

Investigators uncovered 411,000 compromised credit and debit card numbers, they said, adding that they believed the bust prevented economic losses of more than $ 200 million.

“Hackers and fraudsters cannot count on being able to prowl the Internet in anonymity and with impunity, even across national boundaries,” Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a statement. “Clever computer criminals operating behind the supposed veil of the Internet are still subject to the long arm of the law.”

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Police hope credit card use leads to arrest of auto burglar
News from KLTV:


Tyler Police are hoping the quick usage of a stolen credit card will lead to the arrest of an auto burglar or group of auto burglars.

Tuesday morning at 10:30, two women went to exercise at Rose Rudman Park in Tyler. They left their car, locked, with valuables in the trunk.

When they returned 30 minutes later, the back window of the car had been smashed.

The owner of the car, Denesha Session, says she thought she’d done everything right, by leaving her valuables out of plain sight.

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