First step to get credit card debt under control: lose the ‘I want it now …
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A. I think you should leave that retirement money alone. Here’s why, based on your own words:

■ “I don’t want to take two years to pay them off.’’

■ “I want the debt gone now!’’

■ “I know about the 10 percent penalty … but I want a fresh start financially.’’

It’s your wants that got you into debt. I know you said some of the charges were for child care. Anyway, you didn’t get into debt overnight, so take the painful time to slug your way out. Then you will hopefully remember the pain and won’t do it again.

You have only $ 80,000 in retirement funds between the two of you. That’s a lot of money and it isn’t. So leave it alone. You say you’re expecting to get an inheritance, but what if that doesn’t happen?

Don’t settle for being in decent shape for retirement. Practice some good financial habits now such as not withdrawing money from a 401(k) and incurring a penalty. You are just giving the government an extra 10 percent of …………… continues on Boston Globe
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How to teach your kids about the dangers of debt
News from KPTV Portland:

By Andrew Housser

Do you talk to your children about money and debt? Many parents never do. In fact, according to one survey, fewer than 40 percent of parents talk to their children about debt, credit cards, bills and money. Some parents might have good intentions, but many just don’t get around to teaching their children about money, or don’t know how to approach the subject. Others think kids don’t need to know about their parents’ finances.

While children do not need to be the household money managers, they learn how to plan for their financial futures primarily from watching what their parents do. Bringing children into the conversation about money can help make their financial futures stronger. Here are some suggestions on how to talk to kids about money — and how to teach them through your actions.

1) Model responsible choices.

Consider what your choices teach your children. If you overspend a…………… continues on KPTV Portland
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