Got credit card debt? Consider transfer
News from KSAT San Antonio:

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Got credit card debt? Consider transfer

The economy may still be wavering, but not the banks. They’re still sending consumers plenty of credit card offers with enticing rewards, cash-back offers, and low interest rate…………… continues on KSAT San Antonio

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Report: Metro Orlando among leaders in paring credit-card debt
News from Orlando Sentinel:

Despite high unemployment and foreclosure rates and other economic stresses, consumers in the Orlando area have managed to pay down their credit-card debt faster in the past year and a half than cardholders in all but three other large U.S. metro areas, according to figures released Tuesday by Equifax Inc.

Cardholders in the four-county metropolitan area have cut their “plastic” debt load 8.5 percent in the past 20 months through August — fourth-best showing among the 25 biggest metro areas, according to Equifax, the Atlanta-based credit-reporting company.

Orlando trailed only Las Vegas, Detroit and Los Angeles, the survey reported. Tampa-St. Petersburg (8.0 percent) and Miami-Fort Lauderdale (7.6 percent) were ranked sixth and seventh.

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