How I Got in (and Out) of $ 5000 Credit Card Debt
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When I saw the Citibank credit card offer, designed specifically for students, I hesitated to throw it away. In the past, whenever I had received credit card offers in the mail, I didn’t hesitate to tear them up and not think twice. Now the opportunity crept in my mind and made a nest. Considering I was preparing for a move I couldn’t afford, the offer was perfect timing.

Because my financial aid refund wasn’t coming for another month and no one could loan me the money, I figured the credit card could pay for what I couldn’t, plus any other expenses along the way until I received the refund.

I told myself I would only use it for moving-related expenses. The fact that I would have a limit — maybe $ 1,000 — was comforting. I couldn’t get into too much trouble if they put a cap on how much I could spend, right?

While filling out the online application, I hit a roadblock when it asked for my monthly income. My less than part time job would never convince the credit card company that I could handle a credit card. Panicking and still determined to find a way to be approved, I looked to Google. I typed, “Is financial aid considered income on a credit card application?” into the search bar. The question had been asked before, as there were numerous discussion forums with varying answers, one recommending…………… continues on Huffington Post

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Will December Credit Card Spending Bring January Remorse?
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While Frank Sinatra may have crooned about having a “merry little Christmas,” retailers estimate many consumers may be planning a merry large Christmas with respect to holiday shopping.

The National Retail Federation forecasts holiday spending will see a 4.1 percent bump this year to a total of $ 586.1 billion. That’s an average of $ 749.51 per holiday shopper.

Meanwhile, a recent analysis from TransUnion finds credit card debt and delinquencies are on the rise. Although the increase correlates with a pattern from 2011 in which credit card debt increased and then decreased, should the upward trend continue, it may indicate trouble for those planning to use plastic to fund this year’s festivities.

Joy in December, regret in January?


Unfortunately, many shoppers may end up overspending. According to a survey from Oxygen Media, 47 percent of adults say they have…………… continues on

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