Inquiry into WeHo’s Credit Card use sharpens
News from WeHo News:

WeHo News and local activists have obtained the second packet of documents pertaining to election-eve charges of city credit card misuse requested by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Fraud and Corruption prosecutions Public Integrity Division’s inquiry, and the pattern of investigations seems to have focused sharply – on an unintended target.

On March 4, pointing to records dated March–December 2010 showing over $ 13,000 spent on employee lunches and meals – 19 of which were purchased at the priciest restaurants in West Hollywood by incumbent Mayor and candidate John Heilman’s deputy Fran Solomon – John D’Amico called for an internal city investigation into “scratch my back dollars.”

That internal investigation became an LA DA “inquiry,” the step taken to determine if the charges bear an investigation, into what appeared to be widespread u…………… continues on WeHo News
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Switch Banks NOW: Here’s How
News from Business Insider:

I’m going to go Don Draper on you guys for a second: There was a time… long ago… when a man didn’t fear his bank; his bank feared him. It aimed to please him, and both parties got something they couldn’t get on their own. 

I’m tired of hearing from readers and friends alike that they want to leave their awful bank behind. Just do it. If you’re stuck with one of the “big three” and are sick of anemic interest rates, lame outsourced customer support, and unnecessary fees & restrictions, an online bank may be the answer.

I have been an ING DIRECT customer since 2007, and consider them the finest online bank out there. If you want to try them, use the link right here to apply within Outlaw‘s deals round-up and you’ll get a $ 50 bonus. ING’s chec…………… continues on Business Insider
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