Is your credit card at risk?
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Namrata Dadwal, ET Bureau Feb 18, 2013, 08.00AM IST

(Card frauds are on the rise.…)

Who is your greatest financial foe? The corrupt agent, the con artist or a complacent you? Surprised to see yourself in the list? Don’t be. The truth is that sometimes our own ignorance or negligence leaves a door ajar to our financial lives, an opportunity that a hacker or fraudster is lying in wait to get through to raid us. One of the most susceptible instruments is credit cards and the way we use them.

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Pick a card: How to choose the best credit card for your needs
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We owe an average £3,190 in unsecured debts but, for some people, that balance is well into five figures, according to the latest report from Credit Action.

With such large sums, it is absolutely vital that we make sure we are on the best deal and not paying over the odds in interest.

Paying the minimum each month – 3% of the balance – on a debt of £3,190 at the average credit card interest rate of 18.5% APR will take more than 20 years to clear. And it will cost an extortionate £3,075 in interest charges.

A recent survey from shows that 28% of credit card customers have had the same card for 10 years or more, and it is this sort of loyalty that could be proving to be an expensive mistake.

It’s all very well sticking with your favourite card from all those years back, but the market has changed massively over the last decade and many people could be wasting hundreds of pounds purely because they have put the wrong plastic in their wallet .

Most people wouldn’t go 10 years without changing their car, so why stick with a dusty and uncompetitive old credit card? Isn’t it time to give your wallet an MOT?

Despite what people may think, not all credit cards are the same. Each of them has a particular strength or benefit which makes them suitable for certain uses.

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