Myanmar banks hoping to see use of international credit cards by next year
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var itemsPerRow = 4;
//the following five lines specify the size…………… continues on Washington Post

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Building a great credit score from scratch
News from Fox Business:

You’ve likely known that credit scores are important since long before you got your first credit card. But when you’re just starting out in the world of credit, learning how to create a strong credit score can be tricky.

Credit cards can offer the key to beginning your credit history on the right foot, but only if you use them smartly. The guidelines below can help you use your credit cards to begin establishing a great credit score from the start.

Using credit cards to boost your credit score

You must begin using credit to establish your credit score, which for many means applying for a credit card. Once you have that new card, these tips can help you craft good credit that will last a lifetime:

  1. Create a strong credit history. If you’ve never had a credit card before, you’ll probably be limited to card options with a fairly high APR. With high-interest cards, it’s wise to stick to small purchases and pay your balance off before the end of each billing cycle. This will help you save on interest and show lending agencies that you can handle the responsibility that comes with spending on credit.
  2. Consider owning a few cards. After using your first card to make some respon…………… continues on Fox Business

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