National Debt Relief Group Offers Consumers Credit Card Debt Relief Options
News from Sacramento Bee:

/PRNewswire/ — wants to make it easy for anyone to get the debt help they need. Filling out a simple form can get consumers connected to programs customized for their needs. The application is quick, easy and secure. Best of all, it is easy and comes with no obligation.

Consumers who are dealing with credit card debt should consider debt settlement over bankruptcy or a debt consolidation loan. Settling those credit card debts can save the average consumer 50 percent off their principal balances.

Failure to pay credit card bills on time can result in constant contact from creditors. Constant phone calls, letters and harassing messages are often reported by debtors. Consolidating debt through settlement or arbitration can end the creditor harassment. Debtors who use a debt relief service to settle their debts will no longer be contacted by creditors.

Instead, the creditors will be contacting the debt relief service directly. This can lift a heavy burden off those who are struggling with debt. Legal actions may also be halted once a debtor enters a credit relief program. The focus should be on repaying as much of the debt as possible as opposed to litigation.

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How to repay credit card debt
News from Hindustan Times:

Gone overboard on your credit card and finding it difficult to handle the bills? A balance transfer may work for you. However, a word of caution: This is an option, which should be exercised once in a while. If you make a habit of it, it may eventually get you into a debt trap. We join

two friends, Sid and Sam (two fictional characters) in their conversation to know more about credit card balance transfers, how they work and things to keep in mind while using the facility.

Sid is sitting dejected, staring at his credit card bill, when Sam walks in.
Sam: What’s up?
Sid: My credit card statement.
Sam: What does it say?
Sid: I went overboard on my card, due to that foreign trip, the digital camera I bought and that iPad I could not resist. I don’t know what I was thinking then.
Sam: Well, you were not thinking. Anyway, can I help?
Sid: I am not sure how I will manage to pay this huge bill. It’s over R1 lakh now. And the company charges an interest rate of 40% per annum.
Sam: 40% per annum is a lot. Maybe you should consider a credit card balance transfer.
Sid: What’s a credit card balance transfer?
Sam: It’s a facility offered by banks on credit cards, wherein you can transfer outstanding balance from one credit card to another.
Sid: What’s the benefit?
Sam: When you do a balance transfer, usually you pay a much lower int…………… continues on Hindustan Times

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