On Computers: Internet scams
News from Daily News Transcript:

Compared to Internet email, the chances of getting ripped off on the telephone seem less. The bad boys have noticed this, and now are busy integrating the phone into their efforts to collect your account numbers and passwords.

The “hook” can be an official-looking email that requests you to call a phone number. Or it can be a digital phone call ordering you to call another number.

Then you’ll be asked to provide answers to questions, mostly about your credit card or commercial websites you use. Included will be passwords and the security code on the back of your card (they probably already have your number).

The “hook” to get you to call takes many forms. They may entice you by offering gift cards if you complete the “consumer survey.” They may email you “there is a problem with your credit card account. We have deactivated your card. Call our Activation Center.”

The attempts are easy to spot. They always ask you to call a second number.

Banks and credit card companies are aware of these scams. None of them conduct official business this way. That makes the chance of your call being a scam 100 percent.

If you should happen to get roped into this, you will be placed on a sucker list sold to other guys doing the same crime. You’ll wind up with a flood of similar attacks.

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New library board to discuss credit card policy
News from CBC.ca:

Peter Frise and Howard Pawley were introduced Monday as the newest members of the Windsor Public Library board.

Frise is scientific director and CEO for auto 21. Pawley is a former premier of Manitoba and a retired University of Windsor professor.

Peter Frise. (University of Windsor)

The pair joined the board in the wake of Coun. Al Maghnieh’s credit card controversy. The former library board chair charged $ 8,400 in personal expenses to his library-issued credit card. He paid it back, but resigned amid the controversy.

The chairman of the board’s finance committee, Alex Cameron also resigned.

Denny Timm also quit the board, but did so because he moved.

The council position on the board left by Maghnieh’s resignation was earlier filled by Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac.

Pressed to comment on the controversy, Frise refused to do so.

“I don’t want to comment on what went [on] before. I want to focus here on the library,” he said. “It’s critical that the library be efficient and well-run.”

Frise and Pawley both said libraries remain important and relevant.

Howard Pawley. (University of Windsor)

“I love books. I love learning and I…………… continues on CBC.ca

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