Retailers ramp up layaway programs to help customers avoid credit card debt
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Walmart brought layaway back this season. Layaway is making a comeback as people are trying to veer away from credit cards while still making the purchases they want.

BANGOR TWP. — Towers of Xbox games, rows of shiny new bicycles and stacks of flat-screen televisions fill a back room at the Walmart store in this Bay County township.

But the items aren’t destined for store shelves. They are set aside for customers taking advantage of an old-fashioned concept that’s making a big comeback: layaway.

After discontinuing its layaway program five years ago, Walmart brought it back this year after high customer demand. Layaway allows shoppers to make partial pay…………… continues on The Saginaw News –

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Debt Adviser: Consolidate $ 30K credit card debt?
News from The Republic:

Dear Steve: I have $ 30,000 in credit card debt that I want to pay off. I have had trouble juggling what is paid when, so I missed some payments. This has affected my credit score. I can make the payments, but the interest rates are high. I want to consolidate into one payment, so I know when it is due and can put more down each time. I don’t want to use a mortgage or home equity line; I just want the cheapest rate. Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Reader: I’ll bet you feel as if you are juggling porcupines, not bills. Every time you mishandle one, it sticks you. But don’t worry, we’ll corral those spiky critters.

You’re on the right track, but to be successful you’ll need to change your spending plan and avoid buying on credit. You incur interest charges from the minute you slide your credit card at checkout. More expensive charges make it harder to catch up, so I want you to make a commitment not to use your cards for new purchases until…………… continues on The Republic

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