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— Sedgwick County could use the money it spends on credit card transaction fees to repair bridges, provide mental health care and bolster public safety, Commissioner Jim Skelton told his colleagues Tuesday.

Skelton wants the county to begin charging a fee to people who use a credit card to pay their taxes to the county.

He emphasized that Sedgwick County is the only county in the state that doesn’t do so.

County Manager William Buchanan went over a list of pros and cons with commissioners, who still are weighing whether it’s in the county’s best interest to pass on fees charged by Visa, MasterCard and other companies that process credit card transactions.

Residents who use plastic to pay taxes cost the county about $ 1.2 million in fees last year. The average transaction was $ 484; the average transaction fee charged to the county by credit card companies was $ 8.

Those fees came out of the county’s general…………… continues on

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Victims of credit card fraud take caution after breach at Metrolux theater in …
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Hackers surfing the web for credit-card data were the farthest thing from Barry Wilson’s mind when his family went to see “Dolphin Tale” at a Loveland cinema last month.

He’s more careful now.

After his credit card was swiped at Loveland Metrolux 14, unauthorized charges were made using a cloned card at a Dunkin’ Donuts and a bookstore in New York.

Chase Bank promptly canceled the credit card and sent him a new one.

“It was inconvenient,” said Wilson of Larimer County. “It was good that they caught it.”

As one of an estimated 1,200 related credit and debit card fraud reports in Northern Colorado, Wilson said he is more likely to carry cash and only use his credit card at major businesses.

Fort Collins Police Sgt. Don Whitson said the fraud scheme resulted in unauthorized charges in 15 countries and across the United States. It’s one of the biggest such cases ever to hit the region, and finding the perpetrat…………… continues on The Coloradoan

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