Stolen Credit Card Use at Brentwood Promenade
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Americans Borrow More for Cars, School, but Cut Back on Credit Cards
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Americans stepped up borrowing in December to buy cars and attend school. But they cut back sharply on credit card use, continuing a trend that could hold back growth this year.

Consumer borrowing rose $ 14.6 billion in December from November to a total of $ 2.78 trillion, the Federal Reserve said Thursday. That’s the highest level on record.

The increase was driven entirely by gains in student and auto loans. Borrowing in the category that measures those loans increased $ 18.2 billion, the biggest monthly gain since November 2001.

But credit card debt fell $ 3.6 billion. Americans have been relying less on credit cards since the Great Recession. Total credit card debt has fallen roughly 17 percent since the July 2008.

The December decline could also be a signal that consumers were worried in December about tax increases that kicked in last month and are reducing take-home pay.

While credit card debt has fallen since the recession, student loan debt has surged. It has risen 63 percent since mid-2008 to total $ 956 billion as of September of 2012, according to quarterly data compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The increase partly reflects high unemployment, which has led many Americans to seek better education and skills in a more competiti…………… continues on Moneynews

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