The 7 Commandments of Credit Card Interest
News from Credit Card Guide News:

High credit card interest charges can take a significant bite out of your hard-earned money. To protect yourself, follow these seven commandments of credit card interest:

1. Know your APRs.
Most people are familiar with a credit card’s purchase APR, which is the interest that accrues on purchases charged to the card. Most have also heard of promotional APRs, such as 0 APR offers on balance transfers or purchases.

However, there are several other members of the APR family, which you ignore at your own risk. These include:

Cash Advance APRs. A cash advance APR is the interest you pay on cash taken out at ATMs or banks using your credit card.
Overdraft Advance APRs. Overdraft advance APRs are charged by some card issuers on balances resulting from over-the-limit charges.
Penalty APRs. continues on Credit Card Guide News
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