The Ultimate Cash Back Credit Card Strategy
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Recently I published a review of the Blue Cash Everyday from American Express credit card. With the preferred version of the card, you earn 6% cash back at the grocery store. That’s a huge return, and it got me to thinking–could a typical family earn $ 1,000 a year or more in cash rewards simply by using the right credit cards?

I call it the Ultimate Cash Back Credit Card Strategy.

The trick is to use the right card for the right purchase to maximize your cash back. The approach takes some effort. You can’t maximize your rewards by using just one card. But you can get excellent results with just a few credit cards. To get you thinking along these lines here are a few things to consider:

  • Understanding how the rewards program works: Understanding how the rewards program works is a must. Many of the programs have limitations or caps on how much you can earn. For example, some cards might offer 5% cash back, but it’s on rotating categories that change every three months and there are caps on the amount you can earn.
  • Seek out cards with double or triple points: The standard cash back reward is 1% or 1 point per $ 1 spent. But there are cards that do much better. Go for the cards that…………… continues on The Dough Roller

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Inference For Profit: How Credit Card Companies Can Predict the Future
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Who have you told you are pregnant? Who have you told you are having marriage problems? Well you should add to that list your credit card company, Target and many others. These companies have gone beyond just using your data for basic trend lines of sales, to a point where they can predict your future.

That’s right, predict the future. No, your credit card company is not psychic, scary as that thought would be, with enough data a company can predict what is going on in your life. From the Huffington Post: “According to Marissa Meyer at Google, some credit card companies can now use your purchasing decisions to predict whether you’re going to get a divorce with 95% accuracy — two years out.”

That’s right, two years out. Why a credit card company would want that information is for them to know and us to ponder (increased risk of credit issues?), but what it shows is that we spend so much of our lives filling vast warehouses with data about ourselves, and big companies have finally started connecting the dots. Quite literally it seems. Purchase A + Purchase B = Divorce in two years time.

This opens up all sorts of ethical issues that we as a society have yet to deal with. For example, we generally have a right to privacy, but do we have a right to the privacy of t…………… continues on Technorati

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