Wake up and watch those credit cards, financial officers warn
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Credit Card Advice

Here are some tips for keeping your debit card safe, thanks to the financial website investopedia.com.

• Check your bank statements often for suspicious transactions.

• Protect your PIN number by giving it out to no one, and don’t keep it in your purse or wallet.

• Only use bank ATM’s. Security measures are taken at banks to avoid the placement of “skimmers.” But other cash machines in public locations can be tampered with, allowing thieves to get ahold of your information and rob you.

• Don’t use public wireless access for financial transactions. As tempting as it might be to sip your coffee at Starbucks and use their free wireless to pay bills or check out your bank account, sophisticated thieves can hijack your wireless access and steal your passwords without anyone being aware of it until they start stealing your money or using your information for fraud.

• In addition, find ways to avoid using your debit card online. In the cyber-based world, that amounts to near-blasphemy. But there are ways you can use a credit or debit mechanism without risking your financial future.

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A Concerning Sign for Credit Card Issuers?
News from LowCards.com:

The future growth of the credit card market may be impeded by some current trends with young adults.

Young adults, aged 18 to 35, are not as likely to use credit cards as their parents.

According to a recently released study by the Mercator Advisory Group, 59 percent of young adults have a credit card compared to 70 percent of senior adults.

In addition, these young consumers are three times more likely than their senior counterparts to reduce their credit card use in favor of debit cards: 36% of young adults compared to 12% of seniors.

“The anti-credit card sentiment appears to be waning,” stated Karen Augustine, manager of Customer Monitor Survey Series at Mercator Advisory Group. “But, issuers need to address the needs of the young adults in order to stimulate greater credit card volume.”

The study, entitled “Consumers and Credit: 2012: Come Back, Young Cardholders”, was conducted on 1,003 online consumers throughout the country in June 2012.

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