West Hollywood residents defend councilman’s city credit card use
News from Los Angeles Times:

West Hollywood Councilman John Duran — whose charges on a city-issued credit card have been the focus of a probe by Los Angeles County prosecutors — was shown some support by the audience at a council meeting Monday evening.

During public comments at the meeting, Joseph Clapsaddle, a West Hollywood resident, defended Duran, saying the councilman is a hard worker.

“This is bullying at its very most basic,” Clapsaddle said of the focus on Duran.

Clapsaddle asked the audience to stand in support of Duran. A majority of the audience stood and clapped.

Duran charged dozens of meals to his city expense account, spending more than $ 7,000 at local restaurants over three years. County prosecutors are trying to determine whether the meals violated state law.

David Demerjian, head of the district attorney’s Public Integrity Division, said his office has never prosecuted an official for expensing meals inside the city he or she serves. State rules allow meal and related expenses only for “necessary city business,” he said.

Prosecutors have collected hundreds of pages of records — sales receipts, credit card statements and expense report forms — from West Hollywood in recent months. Demerjian said the meal expenses of other co…………… continues on Los Angeles Times

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How to actually get credit card rewards
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It’s easy to miss out on credit card rewards, or get into a routine. Here’s how you can find cards where the rewards actually do work for you. 

It’s very easy to get into a routine with a credit card. Perhaps you signed up for one in college or took the first offer that comes along when you need a card and that’s the one you stick with for your primary use.

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