What to Know About Credit-Card Debt Collection
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Posted 3/29/2012 9:07 AM by Cameron Huddleston, Contributing Editor from Kiplinger in Personal Finance, Credit and Debt

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7 Final Lies About Credit Scores That Can Cost You
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Since there are so many misconceptions about credit reports and credit scores, I broke the topic into three parts, each with seven lies (and this is the final post).

If you missed the two previous articles, click here for Lies #1-7 and click here for Lies #8-14.

You’ll find out whether you should pay off really old debt, cancel a credit card that you don’t use anymore, and pay someone to raise your credit score, just for starters.

Here are the final seven lies about credit scores that can hurt you — plus a fun way to put your credit knowledge to the test:

Lie #15: Marrying someone with poor credit hurts your credit score.

If you’re having pre-wedding jitters, don’t blame it on their credit! Getting hitched has no effect on your credit score because your credit history can never be merged with someone else’s. However, if one spouse has poor credit, that can diminish your ability to get credit together.

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