When to use & how to choose a balance transfer credit card: the new basics
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Some people get very moralistic about debt, and look down their noses at those who have any at all. But there’s nothing wrong with a little credit card debt. In fact, there are times when it’s a positively good thing. Suppose you’ve recently been unemployed and have eaten up (literally as well as figuratively) your cash reserves. Just as you’re due to start a new job, the car you’re relying on to get you to work breaks down. Is it better to call your employer to say you won’t be able to take the offered post, or to charge the repair to your plastic?

There are limitless similar examples of when the smart choice for those who lack alternatives is to run up debt. And that’s not counting those for whom there’s no choice: when it’s a question of feeding the kids or filling a vital prescription. No, the problem often isn’t moral; it’s practical.

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Police Look for Credit Card Scammer
News from Patch.com:

PEACHTREE CORNERS — After using their credit cards at The Forum shopping center on Peachtree Parkway, a Norcross resident and a Norcross business owner both began seeing fraudulent charges pop up on their bills. The unauthorized charges add up to just over $ 1,400 in Gwinnett County alone, with additional charges in other counties.

The incidents are being investigated by the Norcross Police Dept. Because of video footage captured at various locations in Gwinnett, Norcross Police believe the same individual is behind the frauds. They are now seeking the public’s help in locating him.

The man, pictured, appears to be a medium-skinned male in his 30s of medium build. In some of the footage captured, he is wearing a black baseball cap and a white sports watch. 

There is a mobile scanning device that scammers use to read the magnetic strip on a credit card from afar while you are using it, said Detective Beverly Parnell of the No…………… continues on Patch.com
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