Year-End Debt Checkup: Make Sure Yours Is Healthy Debt
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Americans have set another record. It’s not a good one, though.

U.S. consumer debt hit an all-time high in October, with borrowing rising by $ 14.2 billion over September levels, to total $ 2.75 trillion. But there’s a little silver lining in the news: Most of the gain — 76 percent of it — came from auto loans and student loans. Only 24 percent reflected a rise in credit card borrowing. That’s worth noting, because all debt is not equal.

The bright side
Some debt is not only good, but critical. Without the ability to take out mortgages, for example, most people couldn’t afford to buy their own homes. Without student loans, many…………… continues on DailyFinance

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Columbia County civil lawsuit: Credit card debt
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Here are recent case filings in Columbia County Civil Court since December 20. Statements are drawn from the plaintiff’s complaint. The facts of these cases have not been determined by a judge or jury, and no decisions have been rendered.

CV 2012 220-4. Citibank NA v. Renita Atkinson, 411 Columbia 213. Open account. December 20, 2012. The bank seeks an $ 11,597.80 judgment against Atkinson for the unpaid balance on a credit card.

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