You’ve Paid Off Your Card Debt. Now What?
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Dear Erica,

I am only a couple of months away from finishing my debt plan with Consumer Credit Counseling. I have been paying $ 886 every month and never missed one payment for the past 4-and-a-half years. During that time, I even paid off my car note. So, except for my mortgage, I will be free of any debt. It’s a miracle. Should I get another credit card now? And what should I do with the $ 866 that will now be back in my bank? I have two girls, one 8 and the other 12, and I’m thinking of saving for their college educations. — Jeanie

Hi Jeanie,

Your excitement is palpable and well deserved! Soon you will have completed something remarkable, and that’s paying down what clearly must have been a large amount of credit card debt. You’ve stuck to a plan, which shows an impressive level of commitment. Sending nearly $ 1,000 every month without fail is a major achievement.

As a reward, in a few short months you’ll have quite a bit of expendable cash left over. It’s a good idea to use some of the money for your daughters’ future higher education costs. Before you do that, however, I would like to be sure that you’re covered in a few other areas first. They are:

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